ATIccelerator II comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. If you destroy your costly 9800 Pro or your now worthless Rage 128 because of a bug in this program or your careless utilisation of it, you're on your own!

ATIccelerator II can change ATI graphics cards frequencies live, on-the-fly, under Mac OS X. It's much more sophisticated and convenient to use than
Graphiccelerator for the following reasons:

* no potentially dangerous flashing required
* no cumbersome three-steps process (dump, modify, then reflash ROM)
* no need to reboot for every frequency change
* no OS 9 required (that's right, G5s and other recent OS 9-free Macs are now supported!)

Graphics cards overclocking on the Mac finally comes out of stone age!

(The Radeon X1600, X1900 and later cards aren't supported yet.)

Fixed memory frequency for the 1.5 Ghz Mac mini's Radeon 9200

Support for the iMac G5 (iSight)

Now requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (up from 10.3.0)

- New tab showing information about cards: amount of memory, memory type, and bus width
- Support for the iBook G4's Mobility Radeon 9550
- Support for the latest PowerBook G4's Mobility Radeon 9700
- Fixed the G5's non-Pro 9600 memory frequency detection
- Fixed support for a Rage 128 Pro variant
- No longer load and crash for the unsupported Rage Pro/Mobility cards

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Latest version: 1.0.6b (356 KB)