ATI 9800 PC to Mac Conversion

G4 Quicksilver Mods

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The power supply fan has a finger guard (top right), so does the case's plastic layer. On the picture below the inside guard has been cut off, because the two guards were misaligned, which generates noise as the air goes through.

A second minor modification was widening half the holes of the CPU fan guard (left one), simply drilled with a 5 mm bit. This can help with air flow, especially when replacing the stock CPU fan with a more efficient one. Otherwise noise is generated as the air rushes through too small an opening.

Close up of the modified finger guards:

More efficient CPU fan (18 CFM instead of 11.8 for the stock fan), and covering the bizarre hole on top of the fan shroud with some high tech material commonly known as tape. I suspect, because of the way the shroud is shaped, that some hot air is recycled, since there isn't a complete tunnel from the fan to the case opening; it's wide open on the lower part.






Overclock and voltage tweaks


Blow hole


Miscellaneous case mods